Finding My Lover

A certain sadness sat in her eye,

like a sty that would never leave it’s home.

It was not that joy was never found;

it could only ever share the space with eternal woe.

Morning died, night went by —

her world was drenched in gloom,

despite the love that bloomed with the tick of time.

I sat by her side, gaze not averted to any other sight,

as a smile stretched across her face — never into her eyes.

With wet, white iris’ and Kohl lined cheeks,

the kiss she blew to me, I know I will never reap.

The distance between was no more than half an arm,

yet the galaxies we resided in were legions apart.

Plans laid, errors made, the future betrayed;

a veritable heap of desolate days.

Love lost can now be found;

a heart’s frost thawed out.

Sorrow is the prolonged state,

happiness creeping in in an ephemeral way.

Days, years, deaths and lives;

transcend states of space and time

to find beyond our sordid souls,

the truth known to the holy whole.

As we step away from the last life led

and let tomorrow rise, in it’s stead,

a light is born at the touch of our hands,

cheeks glowing, winds blowing afar.

Sadness cannot hold her in it’s grip –

I, lost in the bliss of her lips.

As we move our love locked hips,

sparks of joy shoot from our fingertips.

To touch, to feel, to love, to lust —

there are thoughts which cannot be spoken;

sometimes you just need to fuck.

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