5 Things about San Diego Escorts that were Probably Unknown to you – Part Two

Part Two. Part one could be found here.

3. Escorts earn a lot

Yes, they do. San Diego Escorts make a lot of money as they charge $400 starting per hour, depending upon the work and services they offer, who work under well-known and respectable agencies.
More famous or distinguished San Diego Escorts known for their specialties and fetishes or even their beauty can exceed the limit. Then there are high end escorts who are paid very handsomely to cater to needs of executives and officials.They can pull off around $1500 an hour.
Then at the top of the pleasuring food chain, are the Elite San Diego escorts who are hired by multibillionaires, celebrities, athletesetc. These fine escorts have the ability to pull in some huge amount of cash in no time that would leave some corporate lawyers and surgeons greening with envy. These elite Escorts San Diego are said to make approximately $2000 per hour or more.


4. Different Services In Different Countries

The legality of this work depends upon the country or region you are offering these in. for example in Canada, prostitution and the concept of sex workers is legal but street prostitution, due to its ‘pimping’ and sex-money negotiation openly, is discouraged everywhere.That is where the escort services come in handy. To maintain a facade of legality, agencies perform the mid-man service; they arrange a meeting between the escort and the client without explicitly or openly stating what will transpire between the two.

Most countries have pretty weird and illogical laws. For example, it is legal to pay for companionship, but not for vaginal coitus in Japan. Most Western European countries have more realistic or logical prostitution laws in fact, in some of these countries prostitution is a positively respectable, mainstream profession. Apart from this, in Amsterdam, escorts are now tax-paying, unionized and respected professionals.

5. Escorts have a secret Patois

In order to be safe and not get caught in the act of prostitution, escort agencies are careful not to be too explicit about their agency’s advertisements about theescorts giving their clients sexual pleasures and exchanging them for money. As such agencies and clients have developed a system of coded internet slang and abbreviations that allows for the communication of what services they want to receive from the agency. This practice was developed for use in areas (mostly in the United States) where prostitution laws are strictly enforced and the language has a strong presence on most English-speaking escort sites.

For Example the escort codes include tones of codes letters that only the client, the escort and the agency can understand.Thereare different coded letters for different service a client wants to receive either it involves sex or simply companionship.
Governments in many regions have tried uprooting the act of prostitution by making it illegal and giving severe punishments to those who practice it; however, like similar attempts with other activities such as drugs and gambling in which men and women both are equally found to be involved, prostitution is still high in the market. Many men have trouble getting girls to like them or getting into a relationship. They all have needs and in order to fulfill those needs, the escorting service comes quite in handy.
Men will always be interested in sex and certain men will always be interested in paying for the pleasures they get in return.
The rise of the internet usage has caused a huge uplift in the escorting business. Aside from the unsubtle safety issues, internet sites provide men with a greater choice, an opportunity to live their fantasies without being too explicit about it.

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