5 Things about San Diego Escorts that were Probably Unknown to you – Part One

San Diego Escorts are a bunch of those attractive women with limited drug use and are hired by numerous agencies and San Diego escort services. Even the clients they get are not the normal druggies and creeps you may come across on the internet. Men use them as companions for hangouts, dinner parties and old reunions with a hint of sexual pleasure as per required by the client.

The Escort San Diego business runs very smoothly with a lot of profit. In 1992, according to a survey, 20% of the American men paid for sexual services. This percentage might be a little low estimate though.

Although many might think that a San Diego Escort or a common prostitute really aren’t different. If you think that, then you have never been so wrong. Here are a few things that you might not have known and they might come as a surprise to you if not as a shock…


1. Escort Online Rating

Every single person now-a-days has access to the internet, either on a smartphone or a Personal Computer. In this age of Blogging people who believe they are the “experts” think that it is their duty to rate a San Diego Escort depending upon the experience they’ve had with them

Daily, a number of Escorts in San Diego are rated on the internet. Websites like BigDoggie.net, EscortsAroundYou.com and TopKitten.com let people rate Escorts regarding their services so that other people who might be in need could be helped. Of course, on such sites agencies or the escorts themselves post positive comments anonymously. Some San Diego Escorts have reportedly complained of being blackmailed by the client to give bad reviews unless extra sexual services were not offered.

2. The Tour

You might think that Escort San Diego’s tour would be full of glitz and glamour like Beyonce’s and Paris Hilton’s… but it really isn’t. Agencies take San Diego Escorts out of city as it increases their chances to earn more income, especially the ones who come from far Eastern countries. When are brought to the western society, they learn here. They learn new ways to pleasure their client. The agencies book rooms for the San Diego Escorts in hotels and they receive clients all day long. Escorts are often overworked in these situations but they go along with it due the nature of the work as this is the job that’s going to earn them their living.

To be continued…

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