In the Beginning

I first stepped foot into the world of BDSM at a nightclub, of all places, and it was on the receiving end of a flogger. It was a gothic/industrial nightclub which had some lifestyle BDSM folks making a few extra bucks on the weekends flogging curious/drunk/dared college students.

I wasn’t a college student at the time (that period of my life came much later), but I was the same age as most traditional college students. I had the requisite amount of inhibition-lowering alcohol flowing through my veins, and I was subjected to a dare.

The person handling the flogger was attractive. The dare was annoyingly challenging. The alcohol was working. And I soon found myself without a shirt, bound by the wrists, facing a crowd of people just as curious as I was.

Then it began.

I hate to use the phrase “hurt so good,” but that is probably the most apt description, truth told. The flogger (the person, not the whip) kept asking if I wanted to keep going. I kept saying yes. I was up there in front of that drunken audience for an eternity, yet no time at all. I lost track of everything except that delicious feel of leather on my back, my chest.

The flogger finally called a stop to it, much to my displeasure— and promptly gave me a phone number with the admonition to call sometime very soon so we could continue. I didn’t. But that night was burned into more than my flesh.

Within months, I was searching for my next fix, and I found the perfect mentor and guide deeper into the world of BDSM on AOL. Yes, AOL.

That is when my actual training began, and that was when I found that while I could very well participate in a more submissive role (I, to this day, ache for the feel a flogger in the hand of a proper wielder of said torture device), I actually skewed very strongly towards the dominant end of the D/S spectrum.

That’s a story for another time.

My question to you, dear reader, whether you are a lovely submissive or sensual Dominant, what was your first introduction to the world of BDSM?

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